03 October 2013

The Bloggers had an amazing time in Glyfada’s new Folli Follie store!

INTO THE FF WORLDIt seems that the fab fashion Greek Bloggers had an amazing time during the construction of Glyfada’s Folli Follie store! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have written such beautiful comments for the perfect experience they had with us…

Korina (Type my style):

“This is exactly what happens to someone that is being called by Folli Follie for an Under Construction project… a few days before the official opening of the most beautiful store in Glyfada… you just have an amazing time!”

Xrysa (Fashionism):
“...With my own hands I built the new store in Glyfada, with my sweat. Who loves Glyfada and stuff like that… I have an evil laugh and the head leaning behind, not because I snapped (ok, maybe a little), but mostly because you don’t even have a clue what precious gift I have for you to celebrate the new Folli Follie store in Glyfada!”

Alexia (Smells like fashion):

“…Not only I adore Folli Follie, but also I adore the new store in Glyfada: huge and astonishing, some of us fashion bloggers we had the chance to make the best of it while it was still under construction and obviously we didn’t lost the chance to help a little and “annoy” the workers – it must have been a party for them as long as they saw 10 girls dressed and with the perfect outfit on posing to the cameras.”

Filio (All you need is Style):
“…A match made in fashion heaven for sure, as the new flagship Folli Follie store opened just yesterday in my favorite neighborhood in Glyfada… As for the -kind of crazy- photos, a bunch of Greek fashion bloggers were invited to lend a hand while the store was being constructed!”

Christina (Lemon cake wardrobe):

“I had a closely look at the place and I counted 135 cm2. I pictured it full of bags, accessories, watches and the Folli Follie jewelries and I almost had a heart attack. I almost fell off the stares. I also heard them whispering about the video wall with backstage photos and the whole Folli Follie collections. It was just then that I tripped and found myself stuck in a bucket of stock!” 

Natalia & Nefeli (twinfashionblog):
“...It's so nice to see a joint effort - in the video you can also see fellow Greek bloggers doing their own thing ;) - with such great results. We had so much fun that afternoon and we cannot wait to team up with them again. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!”

Dimitra (Queen):

“We went to see the new place and to take some pictures with the hottest trends of watches, bags and jewelries. What’s the point of this photo shoot? Under Construction. Fashion bloggers and reporters took pictures among scaffoldings wearing stylish clothes and accessories. I will never forget this experience. So many clothes, perfect watches, bags in every color, type and pattern, luxurious jewelries…In a few words: It was a paradise for every woman…”

Posted By : Fashion Forward

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