28 May 2015

Tonia Sotiropoulou: get her style

STYLE GUIDE5+1 Q&A with talented actress and ambassador of Folli Follie Tonia Sotiropoulou! Just to know her a little bit better and to follow her favorite styling routine.

What was your inspiration for this outfit?

I really like the combination of black and dark blue, but also lace with denim. If such an outfit is accompanied by the appropriate jewelry and accessories, it transforms instantly from casual to elegant.

What’s the secret to layering your jewelry perfectly?

Firstly to feel like it suits you, but also to be comfortable with it.
You can’t live without…

… traveling, humor, sun and dogs!

What’s your dream acting role?

The role of Marie Duplessie, known as “The Lady of the Camellias”.  

What’s your favorite Folli Follie jewelry or accessory? 

I never take off my rose gold plated watch with a black leather strap that is about to be launched really soon and also my red Heart4Heart Sweetheart backpack. They’re really special to me due to the fact that they are gifts from very loved people. 

What’s your secret to the perfect outfit?

To have a positive attitude and wearing Folli Follie jewelry.

Click here to have a closer look at Tonia's Sotiropoulou jewelry and accessories from this shooting.

P.S. More style tips from Tonia Sotirpopoulou will follow on June 4. Stay tuned! 

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