13 June 2013

Postcard from Marrakech, Morocco

GIVEAWAYSMy friends and I spent a good few days exploring the city of Marrakech, it was my first trip to the African continent and my first trip outside Europe. 

Marrakech was a fascinating city, it was everything I expected it to be – the buzzling crowds, the old architecture, artwork, exotic palm trees, the food, the souks, the infamous Jardin Majorelle owned by YSL, and the glorious weather! 

Marrakech was truly a delightful treasure, the souks was definitely one of my best highlights, it was exciting walking through the endless labyrinth of alleyways and medinas with stalls selling leather goods, potterys, spices, rugs, laterns. 

Definitely worth a visit!

Posted By : Kit Lee, London

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