11 March 2014

Ring Party

STYLE GUIDEThis season is all about rings. Whether you choose to wear a satement ring or tons of rings on your fingers the ring parties are here to stay! Here are some of our favorite Folli Follie rings to inspire you even more. 

A playful but timeless piece from Match & Dazzle Collection that you can wear from day to night. http://bit.ly/1ngDOQb

With his characteristic cross this ring belongs to the Carma Collection and definitely deserves to become your trademark. http://bit.ly/1i3e9Fl

This ring from the Matche & Dazzle Collection is sure to provoke admiration thanks to its sparkling crystal stones. http://bit.ly/1ngEgOt

Decorated with a sparkling yellow crystal stone this Folli Follie ring from Colorful Collection is statement enough to be your only accessory. http://bit.ly/1cNfIbF

A favorite ring from the Dazzling Collection that we enjoy wearing every single time. http://bit.ly/1g59rSX 

A stunning piece from the Match & Dazzle collection that can be  worn from morning till night. http://bit.ly/1g57Hcx

Add some character to your outfits from day to night with this stunning ring from the K Vintage Collection. http://bit.ly/1ix3JB5

Each of these delicate pieces you see have a totally different pattern, but at the end of the day they match beautifully. http://bit.ly/PoDlg4

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