30 January 2014

Wallet Street

STYLE GUIDEWhen shopping for a wallet, the most important is for style and function to meet. A wallet needs to be practical, but it also needs to look good and highlight a woman’s personality. After all, a wallet holds important belongings such as cash, credit cards and identification so it has to be the right one!

The timeless: A large sized classical wallet perfect for holding your money, cards, notes and coins in perfect order. The wraparound zip makes this wallet perfectly secure and stylish. It’s part of the K Chic Collection (http://bit.ly/1jNGtye)

Small & handy: Its size can accommodate all the essentials for everyday use thanks to its inside slots and pockets. It also fits even in the smallest purse which is priceless. Part of the Logomania M Collection (http://bit.ly/1idEdgI)

Classic & colorful: The metal clasp offers a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Moreover, it offers a sense of security. Its bright color helps to reach it really easily inside the bag. Part of the Logomania Clip Collection (http://bit.ly/1aK84xM)

Set of small wallets: The stylish zipper keeps personal items in place with perfect order and security. The different size of the wallets helps to meet the different needs.Part of the Logomania Set Collection (http://bit.ly/1kd7wAP)

Large with a Zip: Spacious enough to keep you money, coins, cards, notes and other belongings. Thanks to its secure zip you can use it as a small evening bag also. Part of the Heart4Heart Collection (http://bit.ly/1babe8n)

Pendant for the Bag: The use may be limited as it fits only coins and some folded bills, but we have to admit that is really charming. The fact that you can hang it inside your bag it is extremely irresistible and practical. Part of the Logomania Heart Collection (http://bit.ly/Mzzn2R)

Colorful: A colorful wallet will add instantly a punch of fun to your favorite handbag plus it will make it really easy for you to find it inside the bag. It also features a multitude of slots and compartments for organizing your cards, coins and cash perfectly. Part of the Heart4Heart Collection.  (http://bit.ly/1back41)
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