Year of Snake
12 February 2013

Year of Snake


First of all, Happy Lunar New Year! 

Lunar New Year welcomes the Year of the water Snake with harmonious celebrations over the weekend.  It's an annual festive celebration traditionally lasts up to 15 days, from the new moon until the full moon.

It is accusomed to celebrate Chinese New Year with families for the annual reunion dinner, sweep away bad luck, give money in red decorated paper envelopes, wear new clothes, send wishes and greetings to families, friends and collegues, and many more.

According to animal predictions, Snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control.  The Year of the Snake is set to see big changes in the year ahead – it would be neither lucky nor unluck, neither good or bad. We cannot predict auspicious or properous year, let's hope it will be a good year to us all.



Posted By : Kit Lee, London

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