Wonderfly is our new jewelry line, where all earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets carry an identical pair of butterflies ready to astonish with their delicate design and luminous effect. Set the tone of this season by simply adding some ethereal movement to your looks and let the wings of shine fly over your most inspired outfits.

Metal Chic

The ultimate shape of the season, that from its very first appearance on catwalk became major trend, stands as the centerpiece of “Metal Chic” collection by Folli Follie. A contemporary jewellery collection that comes around style and in circles in the most elegant way. A must-have collection of high aesthetics with timeless creations that stand out.


Discus collection is here with its minimal design with clear lines enhanced with casual sophistication, all dedicated to smart women of style. A wise combo of a refreshingly modern yet classic collection, inspired by geometric shapes and the gleam of the sun.

Funky Safari

The new accessories line by Folli Follie, “Funky Safari” brings joy to urban life and statement style to your everyday wardrobe. A Dalmatian inspired motif combined with red or black details and metal studs is about to become fashionable women’s favorite. A “Funky Safari” adventure is all you need to stand out from the crowd in the upcoming season.

Miss FF

Folli Follie drives inspiration from glowing starry nights around the world and presents the “Miss FF” collection. A signature timepiece that reflects all the fashion values of the famous lifestyle brand: shine, elegance and innovation. With a variety of watches and elegant bags is the ultimate sophisticated collection.

Vintage Candy

Mark your lasting memories with style with an elegant timepiece from the new watch collection by Folli Follie, Vintage Candy. Next season’s trend looks back in the most popular aspects of fashion where the glory of yesterday meets tomorrow’s design in a classic piece that will make the ideal choice for contemporary styling!

Urban Time

At the edge of style Folli Follie presents the new Urban Time collection. The most familiar everyday scenery of modern women around the globe becomes the canvas behind this inspired collection, which is ideal to accompany with exceptional style and high aesthetics all 24/7 winter looks.