Island Riviera

The grace of simplicity is impeccably captured in the new "Island Riviera" bag collection by Folli Follie. Inspired by the relaxing and breathtaking atmosphere by the sea, this new collection breathes the air of elegant everyday style. Think clear lines and do embrace this summer pure style in your accessories. The new tote bags are characterized by their supple and unstructured design with a spacious, unlined interior and open-top style.

Club Riviera

This summer mark your time with the playful elegance of cosmopolitan Riviera, by choosing ultra-chic designs with classic and fashionable details. In “Club Riviera” collection by Folli Follie, time passes slowly and relaxing, just like a perfect getaway by the sea. Feel the sunny vibes and discover the most colorful and iconic breton motif. A beloved line specially dedicated to endless summer lovers and stylish resort admirers.

Lady Riviera

The new sleek designs of "Lady Riviera" collection encompass the ultra-chic atmosphere of these unique stylish moments. Reserve a place under the sun accompanied by the pure elegance of shoulder, handle bags, totes, wallets and envelopes in the most flattering boxy shapes of the season. A statement front closure and fashionable stitching details make all the creations of this collection outstanding!

Fleur Riviera

Yards of colorful flowers, impressive landscapes and the renowned gardens of cosmopolitan Rivieras stand behind the vivid inspiration of the new blooming timepieces of Fleur Riviera. A unique collection that breathes the air of modern style into the most feminine summer looks.

Rebel Riviera

The perfect time to revolutionize classic style is now with the new Rebel Riviera collection by Folli Follie. Think out of the sunny luxurious box of Riviera style and focus on the latest trend of anything militaire. The pop camouflage motif colored is the most impressive element in this collection.


“My FF” is the modern fashion signature! This new collection by Folli Follie reflects the essence of the brand and promises to become the ultimate fashion statement reflecting pure brightness. The brand’s initials are impeccably captured in a minimal linear design that goes beyond trademarks and logos. The emblematic motif lends its glory from the genuine bright character of Folli Follie and its precious materials and FF sign is about to appear first on the wish list of every fashionista around the globe!

Timeless Bonds

An ode to minimal design. A serene of pure style. A sheer timepiece for cosmopolitan men and women around the world. Discover “Timeless Bonds”, the first unisex watch collection by Folli Follie that appeals to both genders equally. A contemporary design of “square logic” and high aesthetics, that will make every moment priceless.

Big Moments

Live “Big Moments” of style with this newly launched watch collection by Folli Follie. A sporty chic line of androgynous chronographs with feminine flair dedicated exclusively to modern women who love luxurious athleisure. With silver and rose gold plated stainless steels cases and the finest leather straps colored in the most alluring hues of summer 2018 "Big Moments” timepieces promise to point out the time of your life.

On The Dot

The beauty is in the details! Pay attention to the newly launched Folli Follie “On the Dot” bag collection, as it perfectly combines trendy laser-cut perforations along with signature studs. The most feminine designs are characterized by versatility, as you can wear your shoulder bag as a backpack your wallet as a short cross body bag. The choice is up to the occasion, while style remains always evident. Colored in earth and flaming shades, “On the Dot” promises to enhance your outfits from day to night.

Style Bonding

Pop up to a fantasy world of pure brilliance with the new “Style Bonding” watch collection. The most feminine dials of this season carry sparkling stones instead of numerals on the dials and standout for their unique combination of glam and elegance. Crafted from lightweight stainless steel and powered by accurate movement, these watches are colored in the most charming and classic summer shades.