Wonderfly is our new jewelry line, where all earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets carry an identical pair of butterflies ready to astonish with their delicate design and luminous effect. Set the tone of this season by simply adding some ethereal movement to your looks and let the wings of shine fly over your most inspired outfits.

Star Flower

A blooming tale of brilliance is flowering with the new jewellery and watch collection by Folli Follie " Star Flower". Add some sparkle to a special night-out outfit or enhance your everyday looks with something beyond the essential choices. Surrender to the latest trend of anything celestial and discover a new watch collection that makes one small step for time , one big in fashion!

Lucky Charm

Cherish the upcoming New Year in style and good luck with the festive accessories of “Lucky Collection” by Folli Follie. Embrace love in your new year’s resolutions and spread it all over with shine with the new adorable long necklaces by Folli Follie. Make 2018 your most beloved year and sparkle all the way through!

Playful Emotions

Express your current mood in the most creative and glowing way. Folli Follie presents the most fun loving jewellery collection, “Playful Emotions”. Women can now create the piece of jewellery that they were dreaming of with beads and charms full of joy, hope and happiness and vibrant colors while men can compose a unique gift for their other half. Personalize your jewellery pieces, make them yours and shine bright without any second thought!

Sparkle Chic

The new “Sparkle Chic” collection by Folli Follie introduces gracefully designed jewelry that promise to uplift at once your looks from morning until evening.“Sparkle Chic” collection was created in detail driving inspiration through from the classic style of the most emblematic female style icons of the last decades. Trust the value of a pave crystal stoned drop and invest in a piece with timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Crazy Puff

Folli Follie gives a modern and fun twist to an all-time favorite technique the quilted one by launching “Crazy Puff”. A unique bag collection of multiple styles that will definitely become the favorite fashion asset of stylish women, who appreciate functionality as much as high aesthetics in their daily busy schedule.

Time Illusion

Discover “Time Illusion” watch collection by Folli Follie and watch time pass through your watch. Time and skin becomes one: an innovative design with a transparent circle in the middle becomes the center piece of an inspired timepiece. An ideal choice for women who love classic style, while at the same time are seeking for something different.

Charm Mates

A star for a moon, a heart for a cross, a key for a locket. Every symbol finds its matching couple in the new jewellery line “Charm Mates” by Folli Follie. Share love and style with generosity, choosing a piece of jewellery for you and your beloved ones that will make a statement by heart. All designs are made to accompany the most fashion-forward outfits and become a jewellery staple of your daily looks.

Metal Chic

The ultimate shape of the season, that from its very first appearance on catwalk became major trend, stands as the centerpiece of “Metal Chic” collection by Folli Follie. A contemporary jewellery collection that comes around style and in circles in the most elegant way. A must-have collection of high aesthetics with timeless creations that stand out.

Rock Safari

Think vibrant, think colors, think wild and then picture the most alluring combination of them all in a new bag collection by Folli Follie, called “Rock Safari”. The style adventure starts now through a jungle inspired bag collection, consisting of unique statement pieces that will enhance your everyday outfits and make them noticeable!