Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Generally, use of can be made without the need to divulge any information. However, additional services can be used only when we have certain information from you. Depending on the type of service you wish to use, we may collect the following information: •Contact information such as name, telephone number, postal and email address (for account registration purposes) •Credit card, billing and transaction information in the event you wish to proceed with a purchase. •If contacting us, correspondence information might be kept as a record for improving our services and products. •When completing a survey or promotional activity, information is kept so as to provide you with further correspondence about our products and services. When browsing the Website, information may be collected about your computer and browser such as IP address, operating system, browser type etc. We might also collect information on your region, country, city, postal code, time zone etc. This information is treated as non personal unless otherwise required by law.

How do we use the information collected?

Information you have provided is used in order to help us improve our products and services. It is also essential when a purchase has been made. The information is used for: • Improvement of our products and services • Following your consent, to keep you up-to date with news and information about our company, products or services. • Informing you of the order or delivery status of a purchase in the event that a transaction has occurred. • Internal record keeping purposes The Store allows users to be informed of the existence of their personal record, to correct, amend or delete data and information which they have submitted to it. Should you opt for the deletion of certain information, the Store will act so as to immediately delete this information from its records. Please take into account that we do our best to protect your personal data and that the safety of your access password to our website depends on you

Who has access to this information?

The information you provide will not be shared with other third parties with the exception of: •Delivery affiliates which will require contact details in order to send and deliver a transaction made. •If we are legally obligated to comply or if needed to enforce our Terms and Conditions •As we are an international company, the above process may include the sending of information to other countries which may not have the same level of dta protection laws as in the European Union.

Storage & Safety

In order to prevent unauthorized access and or use of your personal information, we have adopted industry standard security techniques. These include high level encryption services during the exchange of sensitive information and other safeguards which ensure a secure and safe experience.


In some instance we might provide links to external websites. If this happens, we will try our utmost to make it apparent that you are being directed to a third party website. We are not responsible however for any activity or information misuse as a result of using these third party websites.

Cookies & Tracking

As the majority of websites on the internet does our Store has the possibility to use cookies to provide visitors/users with information and with better services (list of orders, personal settings, saving products in a basket or reminder list between two visits and others) as well as to execute orders in the most effective and efficient way. Cookies are small file stored on your computer, which allow you to keep your preferences and options on the Website. Cookies are used to: •Follow and retain information during your browsing session at our website •Retain your user specific settings such as regional preference, products viewed etc.

Cookies Management

If you do not wish to take advantage of cookies, you may disable their use from your browser settings. From there on you may delete any cookies stored locally on your computer. For more information please visit the help and information page of your preferred browser.