Desire Drops

We dream of them, we crave for them, we create stories and legends around them. It’s never that simple to express them, it’s even harder to reach them, but still the strong feeling of a single desire can light up the fire in our heart! Out of our comfort zone, exposed to the real world, we feel passionate, we are innovative, and we dare to wear bold & statement patterns colored in the most vibrant shades of the season. This is what Desire Drops collection is about.

Style Drops

Form meets fashion in new season’s sleek designs of Style Drops jewellery by Folli Follie. Unique minimal creations, that go with the style flow, making every single motion a vivid emotion. The simpler the better, the sleeker, the finest, all in one collection which you will adore!

Desert Vibes Line

Discover the savage beauty of the new limited edition jewellery collection Kk Desert Vibes by Folli Follie. Step on the most alluring and wild side of fashion with impressive creations that are dedicated to cosmopolitan women of impeccable boho style, who love to live every moment like modern nomads. Enhance the glow of your summery outfits and bring warmth to your winter style with this HumaNature on trend collection!

Heart4Heart Mirrors

The art of mirroring is uniquely captured in the new jewellery designs of Heart4Heart Mirrors collection. Decorated with the signature Heart4Heart motif of the brand and made of silver 925 all jewellery is crafted from mother of pearl or black onyx. The diversity of the collection is based on the double-faced cuffs and rings, which can be worn both ways: mirrors on top or the Heart4Heart motif? The choice is yours!

Check Me

Exclusively for frequent fashionistas, who love to travel away everyday with elegance. The new bag collection by Folli Folie blends in heritage tartan patterns along with modern cool shapes, inspired by all-time favorite checked motifs. Colored in grey shades and infused with linear splashes of red or blue, Check Me collection includes a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Miss Heart4Heart

The most emblematic motif of Folli Follie lends its glory to the new timepiece collection “Miss Heart4heart”. A jewellery collection dedicated to women of grace, who love small things of luxury and wish to wear them on daily basis. “Miss Heart4Heart” will enhance your daily outfits, striking the perfect balance between modern romance and innovative design.

On Key

The key to luminous style is hidden inside the new Folli Follie collection, On Key. Available in rose gold and silver plated stainless steel, some of the Folli Follie On Key pieces sparkle brighter, as they are decorated with crystal stones on their emblematic motif. A perfect give idea to unlock and make her heart open or the ultimate statement charm to wear from morning until night.

Chronos Tales

It’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of style! Don’t let moments pass by without noticing. Make every one of them a special one with the new timeless watch collection Chronos Tales by Folli Follie. Step into a narration with plenty of elegant timepieces, designed with the emblematic Greek heritage of the brand in mind.

Lifetime Ora

There are some certain moments in your life that define you. Same as your watch, as time passes, style remains. Some values are timeless, just like the new collection by Folli Follie, Lifetime Ora. Inspired by everyday quality time, the new timepieces are named after the Greek word for hour, “ora”. A masterfully designed watch with classic round case, numerical dials and small red graphic details.

Style Bonding

Pop up to a fantasy world of pure brilliance with the new “Style Bonding” watch collection. The most feminine dials of this season carry sparkling stones instead of numerals on the dials and standout for their unique combination of glam and elegance. Combine them with the new assortment of jewellery in a modern geometrical line of designs, to build the most exclusive style connections.