Crazy Puff

Folli Follie gives a modern and fun twist to an all-time favorite technique the quilted one by launching “Crazy Puff”. A unique bag collection of multiple styles that will definitely become the favorite fashion asset of stylish women, who appreciate functionality as much as high aesthetics in their daily busy schedule.

On Key

The key to luminous style is hidden inside the new Folli Follie collection, On Key. Available in rose gold and silver plated stainless steel, some of the Folli Follie On Key pieces sparkle brighter, as they are decorated with crystal stones on their emblematic motif. A perfect give idea to unlock and make her heart open or the ultimate statement charm to wear from morning until night.

Love Memo

Hugs and Kisses or Kisses and Hugs? The new Love Memo jewellery carry the sweetest message of all on every single piece as all of them are adorned with XOXO. Don’t be afraid of yourself, express your feelings proudly, or even better wear them as your personal statement. xoxo, love comes first!

Time Framed

Every different time zone shares the same style code via the new watch collection, Time Framed by Folli Follie. These new elegant stainless steel timepieces have circular cases, that nod to chic athleisure style. Their trendy design is masterfully conceived, following harmonically a total color style from the case to the strap.

Style Row

The road to style success is made of chevron patterns and colored in the trendiest shades of the season. Style Row bag collection has everything you need to carry on this season! This is why it will always have a reserved seat on the front row of every fashionista’s wish list.

Desert Vibes Line

Discover the savage beauty of the new limited edition jewellery collection Kk Desert Vibes by Folli Follie. Step on the most alluring and wild side of fashion with impressive creations that are dedicated to cosmopolitan women of impeccable boho style, who love to live every moment like modern nomads. Enhance the glow of your summery outfits and bring warmth to your winter style with this HumaNature on trend collection!

High Avenue

Two-tone colours, double external straps and straight lines is presented in collection High Avenue by Folli Follie. A collection of pure lines and beautiful colour matches, ideal to accompagnie your casual looks.


Not your average bags, but the ultimate everyday styles to accompany every woman’s look from morning until night. A wide collection of bags in various shades & shapes, designed to cover every taste and every preference. Unlimited choices to carry on in style. Back to basics, back to great 24/7 style with Purist bags.


Wonderfly is our new jewelry line, where all earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets carry an identical pair of butterflies ready to astonish with their delicate design and luminous effect. Set the tone of this season by simply adding some ethereal movement to your looks and let the wings of shine fly over your most inspired outfits.

City Vibes

Cool urban style meets contemporary elegance in the newly launched bag collection City Vibes by Folli Follie. With a statement chain as handle and sleek design, the new City Vibes bags will set the tone of every morning outfit with its interesting bicolor design.