All Folli Follie products meet the quality standards of the company and require special care in order to maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. Below you may find suggestions for their use and storage, as well as tips for their proper cleaning and maintenance.



To keep your jewelry in good condition, please follow these simple instructions.


Daily care and storage:

  • Store jewelry in its original packaging or in a soft case to avoid scratches.
  • When storing them, make sure that they are not exposed to moisture.
  • Remove jewelry before using products containing chemicals, acids or alcohol (eg perfumes, body creams, hairsprays, cleansers), as well as before hand washing, swimming in the sea or pool, and intense physical exercise. Any contact with jewelry may damage the metal and shorten the life of the casing. It may also cause discoloration and loss of crystal shine.
  • Avoid any contact with sharp objects, that can cause damage or break the crystals.
  • Jewelry is the finishing touch to your every look. You should put them on last, before you go out and take them off first, when you return.


  • Polish regularly your jewelry with a soft cloth, to maintain their original shiny look.



To keep your watches in good condition, please follow these simple instructions.

Daily care and storage:

  • Do not leave the watch exposed for a long time to the sun or in extremely hot or cold environments.
  • Excessive heat can cause the battery life to be shortened, the metal of the case to contract, the metal of the watch to discolor (specifically for gold-plated watches) and the color of the straps to deteriorate.
  • Excessive cold can cause the watch to malfunction.
  • Avoid wet environments, unless your watch is waterproof. Never use the buttons or the crown when the watch is in the water. In case of moisture inside the watch, a technical inspection must be carried out immediately to avoid serious damage.
  • Avoid blows and bumps, that can damage the outside and inside of the watch.
  • Avoid using soap or other chemicals, that could damage the watch.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents or gases, which can cause serious damage to the case and the bracelet of the watch.
  • Avoid exposing the watch to strong electric fields or static electricity, which could cause it to malfunction.

Cleaning and maintenance:

  • Refer to the product features, to be sure of the water resistance rating of your watch. Below you will find some useful information:

a. Water resistance 3ATM: Watches with this indication can be exposed to accidental water splashes, such as occasional drops during handwashing. We recommend wiping the case immediately with a dry cloth, to avoid water reaching the mechanism. 

b. Water resistance 5ATM: Watches with this indication can be exposed to casual contact with water, such as during a heavy rainfall or while showering. Avoid contact with hot water, as well as direct water flow with pressure.

c. Water resistance 10ATM: Watches with this indication are waterproof and can be worn while swimming or practicing water sports. However, they are not suitable for diving.

  • After using the watch at sea, rinse and wipe it with a dry, soft cloth (this only applies to watches with indication 10ATM).
  • The bracelet must be washed regularly to remain in good condition. Clean it with a soft brush, containing a small amount of soap. Then rinse and wipe the bracelet with a soft cloth.
  • We suggest checking the watch, once or twice a year, to ensure its proper operation.


Bags and Accessories

Natural leather is a malleable material that improves over time. By nature, it is not equable, a characteristic that adds to its beauty and grants its special personality. To keep your leather or synthetic leather accessories in good condition for a long time, please follow the simple instructions below.

Daily care and storage:

  • To maintain the original shape of your bag, avoid overfilling it.
  • Avoid direct contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects, as there is a risk of scratches and further damage.
  • Avoid contact with water and rain.
  • Store your bag in its canvas pouch, away from sun and heat sources. Do not store it in plastic bags, as leather needs ventilation.
  • If you are going to store your bag for a long time, place it in an upright position, and not hung, to maintain its original shape.


  • Use only dry or slightly damp, soft cloth (ideally wool), neutral in color to polish the skin.
  • Do not use hard or corrosive materials or liquids unsuitable for cleaning leather.
  • If you are going to use a special leather cleanser for your bag or wallet, try it firstly on the interior, before applying it all over the surface.
  • For small scratches, rub with dry, clean hands and gently apply pressure in circular movements.
  • In case the bag gets wet, do not wipe but immediately dab gently with a soft, woolen cloth, until the water is absorbed. Do not dry with a hair dryer or other heating device.



Folli Follie sunglasses are made of a variety of innovative materials and feature high quality lenses, combining style with the greatest possible protection from the sun. To keep them in good condition, please follow the simple instructions below.

Daily care and storage:

  • Keep your glasses in their case when you don’t use them.
  • When placing them on a surface, always set them with the frame and not the lenses facing down.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures, seawater or chlorinated water, as these can cause damage to the frame and discoloration to the lenses.
  • Avoid storing them wet.


  • Wash your glasses with lukewarm water and neutral soap.
  • Do not use cleansers or greasy lotions, which could leave residues on the lenses.
  • Wipe gently with the cloth that comes with the glasses. Avoid wipes soaked in lotion, as they can leave stains on the lenses.