Who we are

Folli Follie is an international lifestyle fashion brand which designs, manufac­tures and distributes jewellery, watches and fashion accessories, that uplift the style of women worldwide. Folli Follie creates fashion in 31 countries with more than 550 points of sale worldwide.


Our philosophy is to offer a “full fashion concept” of trendy jewellery, watches and accessories. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the feel-good factor. Folli Follie unveils the sunny side of every woman throughout the world. Through its unique offering on all aspects, from product to customer experience, the brand is dedicated to bring to light the brightest, most positive and most attractive side of women.


Our vision is to be a top fashion inspiration for women worldwide.


1982: Folli Follie founded in Greece by Mr. Dimitris Koutsolioutsos, President and his wife Ketty. First store opens in downtown Athens.
1992: Mr. George Koutsolioutsos, son of the founders and today’s FOLLI FOLLIE Group CEO joins the company.
1994: Launch of the Folli Follie women’s watch collection.
1995: Japanese market entry and shop openings in New York, Hawaii, Guam.
1996: Launch of the Folli Follie women’s accessories collection
1997: Company listing at the Athens Stock Exchange.
1998: Entry in key Asian markets.Launch of the Folli Follie accessories collection.
1999: Folli Follie subsidiaries in France and UK.
2000: Acquisition of 40% of the Japanese distribution operation.
2002: Entering the Spanish and Chinese markets and the development of Travel Retail business.
2003: Purchase of 20% of Hellenic Duty Free Shops (“HDFS”).
2006: Raising the stake in HDFS to 52,28% (May).HDFS acquisition of Links of London (July). Obtainment of the Chinese retail license (November). Launch of Folli Follie Baby (December).
2007: Entering Macau. Opening of the first Links of London store in Athens. Acquisition of Elmec Sport via HDFS.
2008: Acquisition of Folli Follie’s affiliate in Japan.
2010: Merger of the companies FolliFollie S.A., HELLENIC DUTY FREE SHOPS S.A. and Elmec Sport S.A. all absorbed into HELLENIC DUTY FREE SHOPS S.A.
2011: Fosun International acquires a stake of 9,5% in FF Group through a capital increase excluding existing shareholders.
2012: The FF Group gains the exclusive distribution and representation of PROCTER & GAMBLE PRESTIGE perfumes in Greece. Opening of the third “attica” department store in Thessaloniki. In a joint venture between Duty Free Shops and Setur Servis Turistik A.S. a lease contract for the operation of the Tourist Port of Mytilene is signed for 40 years. In October, FF Group announces that it has signed an agree ment to sell 51% of the travel retail business in the Swiss Dufry AG.
2013: In April the sale of the 51% stake of the travel retail business to Dufry AG. is completed. During December, the Group announced the sale of the remaining 49% of the travel retail business to Dufry AG and enters as a strategic investor to Dufry AG.
2014: FF Group announces exclusive wholesale and retail distribution rights for the Juicy Couture brand in all Continental Europe, UK, Ireland and Cyprus.
2015: FF Group announces the expansion of its Beauty & Cosmetics activity with the exclusive representation and distribution of Shiseido products in Greece and Cyprus.
2015: Folli Follie introduces the New Concept Store. Initial door openings taking place in Athens, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.
2016: FF Group announces a new exclusive distribution with Procter & Gamble Prestige for Max Factor.
2016: Folli Follie adds in its portfolio the market of South Africa with the opening of the first New Concept Store in Johannesburg.
2016: Folli Follie introduces the New Concept Store in the US market by opening in West field World Trade Center in New York.
2017: The FF Group takes over the exclusive representation and distribution of the renowned brands Lancaster, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Davidoff, Joop, RobertoCavali, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu
2017: Folli Follie enters Lebanon and Iran markets
2018: Folli Follie introduces its very first jewellery line with contactless payment technology as a result of a brilliant cooperation between Qivos(member of FF Group), VISA and National Bank of Greece.
2018: Folli Follie announces the global launch of the first collection of Folli Follie Fragrances, entering dynamically into a new market, the world of beauty.

International Presence

The launch of Folli Follie in the very demanding Greek jewellery market was followed by an unprecedented success that convinced the owners to steer the brand towards additional categories of fashion accessories and led the way towards the brand’s international expansion through strategic shop locations. Folli Follie in Asia and Japan has over 365  points of sale, whereas overall the company has a presence in 31 countries with more than 600 points of sale, in­cluding shops in the most fashionable streets of the world’s major cosmopoli­tan cities: London (Oxford Street, Regent Street), Hong Kong (Central district), New York (Madison Avenue), Sydney (Macquarie Centre & Queen Victoria Building), Dubai, Athens, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Honolulu, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Macau. Apart from the flagship stores in strategic locations, Folli Follie products are also sold through stand-alone shops and shop-in-shop in famous department stores, such as Isetan and Takashimaya in Japan, Lotte and Hyundai in Korea and El Corte Ingles in Spain. Folli Follie has a direct control of its international distribution network by vertically integrating its operations from production to retail. As a result, it has established a direct line of communication with its customers having adopted the required flex­ibility to respond to their changing demands.

In 2015 Folli Follie introduced the new Concept Store that incarnates the inspir­ing vision of the founders of the brand, and eloquently represents an aspect of the new era, in which Folli Follie is ready to step into.  The Folli Follie Concept Stores have already been introduced in hi-fashion streets all over the world with the initial “door-openings” taking place in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Ha­waii, Sydney, Valencia, London and Athens.

In addition, Folli Follie has a strong presence in the travel retail market with points of sale in numerous airports duty free shops around the world, such as Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Athens, Vancouver, Taipei, Hawaii and Guam among others, whereas Folli Follie products are also available in flight in major interna­tional airlines, such as British Airways, EVA Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air China, China Eastern, Qantas, ANA Airlines, AeroMexico, Korean Airlines, Qatar Air­ways, United Airlines, Etihad Airways etc. The expansion of the Folli Follie brand was reinforced after the obtainment of full control of the Hellenic Duty Free Shops (HDFS) in 2006. Folli Follie opened in 2014 a flagship store in Haitang Bay, Hainan Island, China, the world’s largest duty free shopping centre.

Finally, as far as Greece is concerned, Folli Follie has more than 35 points of sale, amongst which stores in Athens and the prefecture, in shopping malls such as The Mall Athens and the Athens Metro Mall, shop-in-shop in department stores such as Attica and Attica Golden Hall, whereas it also has a presence at the duty free shops all over the country.

The Collection-Product Strength

Folli Follie established itself as a true pioneer in the market when it introduced, amongst its first collections, unique      jewellery creations made of silver combined with murano glass and later on complete jewellery collections made of stainless steel in silver or gold colour combined with diamonds - a trend followed by many others. Depending on the materials used (sterling silver, stainless steel, bronze, precious and semi-precious stones) and in a wide price range covering all needs, the company offers an unrivaled assortment of styles for the creation of a unique style.

The fact that nowadays, ladies watches are no longer considered as simple time pieces or expensive jewels, but everyday fashion accessories, to be mixed and matched, contributed to the development and establishment of Folli Follie watches in the field of fashion. Thanks to their trendy design, their high quality, and unmatched offer in styles the watches of the Ceramic Collection, the Leather Collection, the Jewellery Watches, the Slim Watches and specifically the Match Point, the Heart4Heart and the Santorini Flower Watches are amongst the few that have been embellishing female wrists worldwide. The recent exciting news of the brand include the addition of new slim timepieces from the Perfect Match, Lady Bubble and Retro Square collections.

In addition to its jewellery and watches lines, Folli Follie offers comprehensive assortments in fashion accessories such as handbags, wallets, small leather goods, pashminas and sunglasses. The exclusively designed pieces add breadth to the company’s identity and are now globally recognized amongst accessories brands.

The Folli Follie team of designers, works restlessly in taking iconic motifs and translating them into unique designs that go through the entire Folli Follie product range, always with impeccable style.

The iconic motif approach is yet another aspect that demonstrates the insightful process of the Folli Follie designing teams. Over the past few years, the Folli Follie consumer follows the exciting journey of the iconic motifs such as Heart4Heart and Santorini Flower, from a statement necklace translated into an exciting watches collection, into a complete jewellery line with many distinct offerings and into unique bags and purses.

All Folli Follie jewellery, watches and accessories lines complement each other, offering a “full fashion concept” and providing at the same time a contemporary, alternative and fresh experience to customers over the world.


The Folli Follie World

Folli Follie’s jewellery, accessories and watches collections are presented throughout the year addressing the ever-changing lifestyle of the fashion addicts. The company’s experienced design team consists amongst other Italian, Swiss, British, Chinese and Greek top designers, who work together for the presentation of complete jewellery, watches and accessories collections. The collection’s highlight is the premium Kk Collection, which includes unique and limited edition jewellery and accessories pieces, inspired and supervised by Mrs. Ketty Koutsolioutsos. Our designer’s goal is not only to maintain a fashion orientation complementing the prevalent fashion trends, but also to set them, translating fashion in the daily life and offering special, characteristic fashion tips, with the signature of Folli Follie.

Furthermore, the emphasis given to the unique design does not stop at the product itself but extends into all Folli Follie visible associations and image of the company such as: shop layout, décor, window display, product presentation, furniture, packaging, promotional material and of course integrated communication strategy. In other words, the company’s artistic team in collaboration with the Branding, Marketing and Public Relations Department strive to create a “Folli Follie world”, which ensures a consistent, characteristic brand image amongst all Folli Follie shops and products, immediately recognizable by the global consumer.