Corporate Social Responsibilty

The corporate social responsibility of Folli Follie is defined by the management’s commitments against the employees, the shareholders, the clients, the suppliers, and the society at large. In a wider sense, these stakeholders constitute the family, in which Folli Follie grows, operating with responsibility and respect.

Culture has been a major feature of the social contribution of Folli Follie; strong association with cultural insti­tutes and organizations that promote culture and art, is considered to be an act of major social and national importance, since it safeguards the priceless heritage of each country and supports the efforts of artists. In the past Folli Follie has sponsored cultural events, such as the first Kabuki Theatre which took place in Athens Megaron Hall of Music and the concert of the Greek singer Dionyssis Savvopoulos at the Benaki Museum in Athens. Naturally, our philosophy regarding culture and the arts applies globally; in October 2005 Folli Follie was most honoured to support the best female artist of all time and UNICEF’s International Goodwill Am­bassador, Mrs. Nana Mouskouri’s farewell concert in Hong Kong. In May 2007, during the official visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Dora Bakogianni to China, Folli Follie sponsored the one and only concert of Mrs. Alkistis Protopsalti at the Forbidden City in Beijing. A more recent example is the Folli Follie sponsorship of the “Sensitivity Questioned” exhibition that was hosted at Ileana Tounta Gallery in Athens in 2010.

Whereas along the Sports axis, Folli Follie honoured the Vouliagmeni female polo team – European Champion 2010 – by dedicating and naming a sports watch “Water Champ”. In 2012 and 2013, Folli Follie sponsored the “Spetses Classic Yacht Race”, which featured some of the most renowned classic yachts in Greece using as a backdrop Spetses, the beautiful island where Folli Follie “Crazy for Greece” campaign was shot. One more Corporate Responsibility initiative of Folli Follie, and one that the company takes great pride in, is the Folli Fol­lie sponsoring the Greek Delegation of the X Special Olympics World Winter Games in Peyong Chang, Korea. Additionally, Folli Follie in 2013 was a proud supporter of Spetses Mini Marathon showcasing how sports­manship and athletic lifestyle can be ideally combined with striking style.

In addition, Folli Follie continues to demonstrate its sensitivity to issues of social solidarity that are not direct business actions but topics, which the company feels a great responsibility to bring to the public’s attention. In May 2008 Folli Follie hosted a Charity Sale in Hong Kong to support the victims of the Sichuan earthquake; the response was massive and all the proceeds of the 3-day sale were donated to the Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund. One month later, in June 2008, Folli Follie Group also delivered a number of works to Arte­mida village, Municipality of Zacharo, Prefecture of Ilia, Greece, as a contribution of social solidarity after the destructive wildfires that affected the wider area of western Peloponnese in August 2007. Last but not least, in 2011 Folli Follie donated 10% of the global sales of the entire Heart4Heart Collection to support the aims of the Japanese Red Cross.

The activities of Folli Follie extend to long-lasting charity initiatives throughout Greece, covering the needs of schools, non-profit institutions and NGOs that involve children, the tenderest part of society. As for the rest of the world, Folli Follie sponsors various charitable causes dedicated to public welfare, such as the Cancer Fund in Hong Kong, where it has been the major sponsor of the “Pink Revolution” Campaign for the last years. In autumn 2009, Folli Follie designed for Greece and abroad, two limited edition bracelets in collaboration with the leading non profit organization “Save the Children”, whereas part of their proceeds were donated to sup­port its remarkable activities. During 2011, Folli Follie also supported the non-profit organization “The Art of Elysium” through the opening of the new Folli Follie boutiques in New York. In Spain, Folli Follie actively sup­ports for the last 4 years the purposes of the “SOS” organization through the launch of a specially designed collection. It is worth mentioning that the collaboration with SOS Foundation in Spain led to the inauguration of a nursery in Senegal, named Ketty after Mrs. Koutsolioutsos, and the Casa do Gaiato nursery in Mozam­bique. It also donates to organizations dedicated to child care and the protection of children, such as the “Smile Angel” Foundation in China. In 2013 and 2014, Folli Follie joined forces with I LIVE FOR ME and de­signed a limited edition bracelet inspired by the association’s logo, the butterfly. Folli Follie and I LIVE FOR ME found in the face of Tonia Sotiropoulou a famous Greek actress/ model, the ideal ambassador for this initiative.

Since the mid of November 2016, Folli Follie supports the Foundation Coeurs Pour Tous Hellas and its charity work for poor children with congenital or acquired heart diseases. Folli Follie in association with the Foundation Coeurs Pour Tous Hellas (CPTH) found in the face of Smaragda Karydi, Vasso Laskaraki, Katerina Papoutsaki and Katerina Geronikolou, the ideal Ambassadors. These well-known and beloved actors embraced gracefully with enthusiasm this initiative which aims to give hope to needy children and their families.

Part of the proceeds from all the purchases of Heart4Heart jewelry, watches and accessories were offered to support the Foundation. The emblematic Folli Follie motif - consisting of 4 hearts - becomes a symbol of hope and the inspiration behind this initiative of unconditional love.